A New Hope: Celebrations for success of eco-friendly farming experiment

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An experiment to establish whether farming could be done sustainably has celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Hope Farm in Knapwell in Cambridgeshire was set up to develop new techniques and test the effect on wildlife, and it's made a major impact on boosting biodiversity.

Hope Farm was created by the RSPB Credit: ITV News Anglia

Georgie Bray has been the Farm manager at the site for the last three years, and says she's proud of what it has grown into

By encouraging wild plants and adopting sustainable farming methids have encouraged back wildlife.

The Butterflies were not the only ones to benefit

Georgie Bray inspects some of the wildflowers Credit: ITV News

The success of Hope Farm isn't isolated one.

A little further up the road is Wimpole Hall, owned by the National Trust. In June it published a report saying Nature friendly farming can deliver for wildlife and be profitable.

Unlike Hope Farm Wimpole Hall only has 12 years under its belt.

To mark two decades of work at Hope Farm, Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner brought along Luke Pollard, the shadow environment secretary. They believe it could be an example to others about the benefits of sustainable farming.