How fly-tipping is affecting the region's farmers at a crucial time of year

Fly-tipping is affecting the region's farmers at what is a crucial time of year for them. Many are out in their fields harvesting crops, only to find piles of rubbish illegally dumped on their land.

It's a costly problem and the National Farmers' Union says the coronavirus crisis is making it worse.

Some farmers, like James in Peterborough, have had to get used to digging into their own pockets to pay for rubbish to be cleared from their farm.

A couple of years ago, 40 tonnes of waste was dumped on James' land. It cost him nearly £5,000 to clear. On top of that, he spends on average a thousand pounds a year clearing up fly-tipped rubbish

A couple of years ago, 40 tonnes of wasted was dumped on James' land Credit: ITV News Anglia

While most people are willing to wait their turn at a household waste recycling centre to get rid of their rubbish properly, for some, queues and Covid-19 restrictions could be another reason to risk a fine instead.

People are having to queue to properly dispose of household wasted due to Covid restrictions Credit: ITV News Anglia

Rural land is often a target for fly-tippers and all too often, it means farmers have no choice but to pay the price for other people's rubbish.