Chelmsford Athletics Club hosts country's first open running race since lockdown

There may have been many virtual races taking place since March but today, 9th August, saw the first open running race to be licensed by UK Athletics since the start of lockdown. From the under 13s to the over 50s, more than 300 people signed up to run the one mile course.

Chelmsford Athletics Club hosted the event at Writtle University College in Essex. Organisers hope it will become a template for safe, socially distanced sporting events in the future. 

Many of the runners haven't been able to race in 6 months, so being able to compete again was something to look forward to.

Safety measures were put in place to allow the race to go ahead Credit: ITV News Anglia

Precautions were taken to make sure that everybody could remain safe.

The Miles of Miles Event has been going for several years. It's usually held on a track in the city, but current restrictions meant that couldn't  happen. Instead, they teamed up with Writtle University College.