How llamas could help in the fight against coronavirus

Watch a report by ITV News reporter Nitya Rajan

The llama is the latest unlikely candidate in the battle against coronavirus.

Scientists have found that antibodies from South American mammals could be used to help us fight Covid-19. They are smaller than human antibodies and can be engineered in the lab to give us a treatment that could boost the immune system of a sick person.

Tina Gambell from Wisbech who has always loved the woolly creatures and says she's not surprised by the scientific discovery.

They are not only pets, they have other uses. They they have got an extra use that will make them even more popular.

Tina Gambell
Tina Gambell from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire with her two llamas Credit: ITV News Anglia

Scientists say llama antibodies have several advantages over our own when it comes to tackling the microscopic spikes on the coronavirus.Their engineered antibodies could form a medicine that'll boost our immune system.

It still needs to undergo testing on animals and clinical trials but if successful, these docile creatures could turn the tide against a deadly disease.