Norfolk and Suffolk breast cancer charity celebrates major milestone

A charity which supports breast cancer patients across Norfolk and Suffolk has reached a major milestone.

Littlelifts hands out boxes filled with products to support those going through chemotherapy.

Volunteers have just delivered their 1,000th box - two years after the charity was founded by Oa Hackett following her treatment for breast cancer.

Charity founder Oa Hackett. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"The 1,000th box stands for so many things," said Oa. "The fact that we have reached 1,000 boxes is a huge milestone for our small charity and we are so pleased we have been able to support so many women with a 'little lift'.

"Chemotherapy is a different experience for every woman, but we are pleased we have been able to make a difference during, what is often, a tough time.

Professor Nancy Fontaine, Chief Nurse at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, said they were "extremely grateful for the support".

She said: "Reaching out to our breast cancer patients at a difficult stage of their treatment is invaluable and makes all the difference to their experience of chemotherapy."

The 1,000th box was delivered to the Oncology Department at the NNUH yesterday (August 12).

Joining the presentation was Jill Ward, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2018.

She had surgery, four rounds of chemotherapy, 25 daily radiotherapy sessions and 17 tri-weekly Herceptin injections before completing her treatment.

She received a 'littlelifts' box during her chemo planning meeting.

"That very first chemotherapy meeting at the hospital was particularly overwhelming," she said.

"I was confronted with a very long list of some unpleasant potential side effects. So when I opened the 'littlelifts' box I felt as though someone, somewhere, at that moment, totally understood all my feelings, and had packed them in a box.

"I didn't realise how helpful each item would be. It was received at exactly the right time, my lowest point, and nudged me through each bout of chemo."