The Anglia entrepreneurs successfully starting new businesses during the pandemic

A number of business sectors continue to struggle, especially with the UK now officially in recession. However, for some entrepreneurs in the region, the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic hasn't deterred them from starting a brand-new business.

Nathaniel Humphreys is one of them. He started up a fruit and veg delivery service in Cambridgeshire during lockdown and has even managed to secure a market stall in the Fenland towns of March and Holbeach.

Nathaniel's community stall turned into a fully fledged delivery service Credit: ITV News Anglia

Packing up punnets of cherries wasn't something Nathaniel had ever considered doing before, but what started as a community stall just to help neighbours in his street in Wisbech has become a full-blown delivery service.

For him, the business was never about making money:

In Ely, fitness instructors Alice Loombe and Sara Ford also putting in place plans to create their own health and wellbeing hub. They hope to welcome people who have perhaps had no space to exercise in their homes during lockdown, or have simply felt copped up.

Sara and Alice are getting ready to open a brand-new wellbeing centre Credit: ITV News Anglia
Sara and Alice hope to turn this into a space for people who've been cooped up in their homes during lockdown Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ross Ratcliffe is the owner of a new will writing business based at Dereham in Norfolk. The firm was founded during the pandemic, and now they plan to open another office in Norwich in October.

This Dereham-based business was successfully started during the pandemic Credit: ITV News Anglia

These start-ups are just a few of many in our region. The owners have found their services are in demand, fueled by the way the Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives.