Llama trekking and heritage railways - the alternative things to do this summer holiday

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The summer holidays are in full swing now, and to help keep the whole family entertained, we have been finding out about some alternative things to do in Northamptonshire.

Llamas are perhaps an animal you would not expect to see in the county's countryside, but Catanger Farm in Weedon Lois near Towcester has 46 llamas which they breed from and take out trekking.

It all started 26 years ago when a llama called Henry came to the farm to guard the livestock there. 

The owners fell in love with him and the rest they say is history.

Llama trekking through the Northamptonshire countryside at Catanger Farm in Weedon Lois near Towcester Credit: ITV News Anglia

Sarah Brown is in charge of the llama trekking and explains why they are the perfect animal to trek with.

"They are pretty much at head level, they're very inquisitive, very nosy, and being out in the countryside, and they're bred for trekking up and down mountains, so they actually enjoy trekking.

"So it's just a nice experience for people to have that's a bit different."

First timers are given guidance on how to handle the llama and then you simply go out for a walk.

Catanger Farm in Northamptonshire got their first llama 26 years ago to help guard the livestock Credit: ITV News Anglia

You can either trek through the 20 acre woodland farm, or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can go cross country.

Sarah added: "We think it's a very safe activity that you can do out in the fresh air. The llamas are about 2 metres long when they're fully grown so it keeps everybody at a safe distance and it's just a nice day out for people at the moment, they're dying to get out and about again."

If you fancy something a little more sedentary, then Northampton and Lamport's heritage Railway may be more for you.

Situated between Chapel Brampton and Pitsford in north Northamptonshire, it offers people the chance to step back in time.

Hayley Giles is a volunteer at the railway.

She said: "Kids obviously see Thomas the Tank Engine and things like that but I think for adults it's more about that feeling when you were a kid and you saw a steam engine obviously I'm young that I don't remember it but certainly for my grandparents they love coming to somewhere like this and just taking themselves back in time, smelling the coal burning and those kinds of things.

"So I think it just brings up all of those nice memories from being a kid."

The Northampton and Lamport Heritage Railway is situated between Chapel Brampton and Pitsford in north Northamptonshire Credit: ITV News Anglia

The railway is run entirely by volunteers and offers either a diesel or steam service every Sunday.

To make it a full day out, you can also get on your bike or walk next to the line along the Brampton Valley Way.

This is simply a snapshot of some of the many things you can do in Northamptonshire, and it just shows you don't have to travel far to enjoy a bit of escapism.