Suffolk dairy farmers' lifetime dream to move to the Channel Islands delayed by Covid-19

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A couple from Suffolk who hoped to travel to the Channel Islands to be Sark's new dairy farmers have had to delay moving due to coronavirus.

Katharine and Jason Salisbury won a competition to restart the island's dairy industry after it shut down several years ago, and hoped to be there as work on the new dairy began. The couple, who currently run a successful farming business at Creeting St Mary near Ipswich, have twenty years of experience in the field.

The couple currently run a successful dairy business Credit: ITV News Anglia

They cannot currently get to the island due to travel restrictions in Guernsey which also apply to Sark.

We really don't know we're in total limbo at the moment. Are we going next week, are we going the week after, what's going to happen here, we need holiday cover, we need to do this that and the other so we have no idea what's going on.

Jason Salisbury, farmer
They're currently waiting for the go-ahead before making the big move to Sark Credit: ITV News Anglia

Currently the island has embarked on a fundraising effort to find almost £500,000 for the new dairy.  For a small island it's a lot of money, but Jason and Katharine say they intend to build and industry that's robust enough to last for generations to come.

We would have liked to be there to support them and to help the campaign so people can see the faces behind the new dairy and who is running it so we can sort of add our support and add some meaning towards it, but obviously we can only support from a far at the moment, but we can reassure everyone that we are whole heartedly committed and can't wait to get it started.

Katharine Salisbury

Although they are not set to produce milk until spring next year, both Katharine and Jason are keen to get started on the island and take on the new challenge of setting up the dairy and support the fundraising scheme in place.

Katharine and Jason are keen to get started on reviving the island's dairy industry Credit: ITV News Anglia