East Suffolk Council sets out its views on plans for the controversial Sizewell C nuclear power station

EDF say the new station will provide 25,000 jobs during construction and 900 permanent jobs – around a third will be filled by local people. Credit: ITV News Anglia

East Suffolk Council has published a report setting out its views on plans for the new Sizewell C nuclear power station.

The council says it appreciates the concerns of local people and aims to work with EDF to get the best outcome for the area.  It says there's a difficult balance between protecting the environment and providing jobs for the Suffolk economy. 

All councillors are being asked to comment when its discussed at full council on 3 September.  The Government will then decide if the project goes ahead.

It is clear that many people in our communities are concerned about the principal of nuclear new build, its funding and its waste. However, the report makes it clear that the final decision will be eventually made by government, so it is vital, if the scheme is to be consented, that we work positively with EDF, the government and all stakeholders and communities to get the best possible outcome.

Cllr Gallant

The proposed power station is one of the region's most talked about and controversial projects.

There's been a nuclear power station at the site since 1966 when the first Sizewell A opened. That is now being decommissioned and Sizewell B, famous for its large white dome that houses the reactor is due to stop producing electricity in 2035.

Those in favour of the Sizewell C project say it will help meet the country's energy needs and is efficiently low carbon. Those against say a nuclear power station is too expensive, takes too long to build and will destroy the stretch of heritage coast for tourists and residents alike.

There is a difficult balance to be struck between supporting the national and local economy and the environmental impacts this proposal will have in such a sensitive location and I want to hear from all our councillors about local concerns so that this information can be fed in to the final submission.

Cllr Gallant