Meet the Luton lad wowing the internet with his incredible football freestyle skills

A football freestyler from Luton has become an internet sensation after videos of his flicks and tricks racked up millions of views online.

Tom Nolan, 21, also known as 'TNFreestyle', started fine-tuning his skills at Stopsley High School and has gone on to become a social media star.

In total, he's had more than 50 million views across platforms like Instagram and YouTube - with one video of a trickshot he performed on Soccer AM having been watched my nearly a million people on its own.

If that isn't impressive enough, he's also landed himself a sponsorship deal with Adidas and was even invited out to Los Angeles to train with Manchester United on their pre-season tour of America in 2018.

It was a dream opportunity for United fan Tom, and further proof of how far he's come since his mum first posted a video of him on Facebook - not that he was initially very keen on the idea....

"It all started for me at school. I found out I was OK at skills and it got to the point where I made a video," Tom told ITV News Anglia.

"It was never meant to go online but my mum actually posted the video and it racked up about 20,000 views! After seeing that, I suddenly thought - I want in on this!

"I made her delete the video and posted it myself to take the credit and from there it just went a bit crazy online."

To say it went a "bit crazy" would be an understatement.

His skills have earned him thousands of followers on social media, and he's got to meet some of the legends of the sport.

He's not satisfied yet though and has now set his sights on potentially having his own TV show one day.

"I also want to inspire others," Tom said.

"I know there's a lot of young people out there who play football and they don't know what's next for them, and I'd love to say - if you don't make it on the pitch you don't have to give up."

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