Bloomin' marvellous!: Spectacular sunflowers from across the Anglia region

It's sunflower season!

After shooting up during the first half of the year, your lofty plants have begun to bloom.

We asked you to send us snaps of your homegrown sunflowers and received hundreds in response.

Some are tiny, some are over 11ft. Some have a bounty of heads, while others sport just one. And they are not just yellow, some of them have red, orange and white petals!

We received a wider range of sunflowers, but these were our favourites:

Julie Fairweather: "This is just one stem with over 50 flowers on".

Mo Evans: "Not sure about the biggest one, but think I might qualify for the smallest". 

Jamie Watson: "Taken a few days ago. It's still growing. Last measured it about two weeks ago at just over 10ft".

Claire Clanfield: "These beautiful sunflowers are on my Dad's farm; all for the birds, bees and butterflies". 

Rosie Barrett: "Not my sunflowers, but a farmer local to me! Got to go and shoot a Milky Way photo above them a few nights ago."

Natalie Harrison: "During lockdown, we made a sunflower picture with my dogs paw prints on. Our local police saw it up in the window and posted some sunflower seeds through the door. The sunflower has reached 8.2ft tall. Walter has his own Instagram - @bluestaffywalter".

Sophie Buckle: "I think Dylan has grown the tallest, could hardly get it in shot! He grew these from a seed himself". 

Katie Chalk: "Big-bloomed sunflowers from here in Sawbridgeworth, tallest we had was 5ft!"

Kirsty Knowles: "Here is our daughter Lillie Knowles standing next to her 12ft high sunflower. It’s the biggest one we have ever grown and very beautiful".

Julie Smart: "This is my 10ft tall sunflower, with its own sunshade - a leaf which has laid on top of it as it has grown!".

Karla Kelly: "My sons Charlie and Oliver have done very well growing their sunflowers over 6ft tall".

Paige Giles: "My selection of Harley Quinns, Teddy, Russian Giant, Italian White, Earth Walkers and seeds from the bird feeder".