Rule of Six: Winners and losers in the Anglia region

The Rule of Six is set to have a big impact on families and businesses across the Anglia region.

It is now illegal to gather in groups of more than six people, apart from some limited exemptions. So who are the winners and losers?

For soft play area's like Northampton's Riverside Hub the new rule of six is a hammer blow. 

After waiting many months to re-open it can't host the children's parties which make up a big chunk of its income.

Ellis Potter, owner of Riverside Hub, said: "It's such a restraint, such a strangle hole over the business. With restricted numbers on visitors, this rule of six just knocks everything out of the window.

"We just really don't know what the winter's going to look like. It's certainly not going to look good, so it's very, very difficult for us right now."

Soft play areas will find it difficult to host children's parties under the Rule of Six. Credit: ITV News Anglia

So a lot of disappointed birthday children as the pirate and dinosaur rooms stand empty. In better times the Riverside might host 20 parties a day at weekends.

In Scotland and Wales children don't count as a six so places like the Riverside Hub could have up to six adults supervising a children's party.

Others though have more cause for optimism. Gym and yoga groups like this one in Saffron Walden still able to meet in person, not reverting back to online sessions.

Siobhan Kemp, a yoga instructor, said: "'We've all done what we can to muddle through with online but this is better, this is how we like to practice yoga.

"It's coming together as a group, connecting even though we can do that safely, which is why I felt a bit concerned when the news came through, but so happy we're able to continue doing what we do."

This yoga class in Saffron Walden in Essex will be allowed to continue under the Rule of Six. Credit: ITV News Anglia

But while weddings and funerals can still have receptions for up to thirty people christenings can't. 

Tami White from Great Yarmouth must cancel next weekend's celebration for her baby daughter Brooke.

Tami White said: "When Brooke was born everything seems to have been cancelled or delayed. I thought we'd finally had our chance to celebrate her, but I was gutted really.

"I find it frustrating when you can go to the pub and be around strangers or you could go on a plane and sit near 200 strangers, but I can't sit with my family."

Tami White will have to cancel her daughter's Christening. Credit: ITV News Anglia

On the subject of pubs many in the industry hope maximising groups at six will make it easier for them to maintain social distancing among their customers.

Dawn Hopkins is licencee of The Rose in Norwich and is vice chair of the Campaign for Pubs.

Dawn Hopkins said: "It's a guideline that many of us have been working to anyway, so for a lot of people it won't make a huge amount of difference.

"It just means it's law so it's not us being awkward it's a legal requirement for pubs now to stick to groups of six."

As children explore the Riverside Hub so we're all discovering what impact the Rule of Six will have on each of us. For many there's bound to be a period of adjustment.

Pubs will have to accommodate for groups no larger than six. Credit: ITV News Anglia