Parkinson's sufferer who rediscovered love of painting during lockdown to have artwork exhibited for first time

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An 84-year-old care home resident is going to have his paintings exhibited for the first time, after rediscovering the hobby during lockdown.

Having painted as a child, Neil Cordell picked up a paintbrush again this year because, in his words, it was "virtually the only thing I could do apart from watching television".

A sufferer of Parkinson's disease, he lives at a care home in Griston, near Thetford, where he paints the home's gardens, the Norfolk countryside and places he visited with his late wife Ann.

He said: "I used to draw a lot when I was a kid. In those days it was aircrafts and tanks.

"It's only started being my hobby again this year. It's virtually the only thing I could do apart from watching television. If I get it right there's a lot of pride in it really."

Neil often paints Norfolk landscape scenes Credit: Neil Cordell

Neil's art has won a lot of admiration from the staff at the care home, who are hoping he will inspire his fellow residents.

Marcia Hughes, activities co-ordinator, said: "He's a very quiet person but he's a very talented person.

"With his journey with Parkinson's his artwork has changed quite dramatically.

"I think it's really nice for other sufferers to be motivated by people like Neil - to not give up on a talent which can just be adapted quite simply."

Neil rediscovered his love of painting during lockdown Credit: ITV Anglia

Neil's work will be exhibited online by the Wayland Dragonfly Gallery throughout November, and the artist is confident the display means his work is not "rubbish", at the very least.

"I think if it works out OK, I'll be really chuffed. I'm just anxious not to make a pig's ear out of it - but then again it wouldn't get shown if it was rubbish."