'Seeing my boys has given me a massive boost': Band of brothers play hospital gig for dad with motor neurone disease

  • ITV News Anglia's Sarah Cooper has the full story

A band of four brothers have staged a special concert for their dad, who is a patient at the Royal Papworth Hospital.

They played at the bedside of self-employed car mechanic Gary Radley, 62, who is being treated for motor neurone disease.

His bed was wheeled into the hospital car park where Endeavour, the name of the brothers' band, performed songs for him.

WATCH: The boys perform Wheels by the Foo Fighters, Mr Radley's favourite band

Video from the Royal Papworth Hospital

Mr Radley, from Peterborough, had asked staff at the Royal Papworth if they could arrange for the concert to happen.

Absolutely amazing, I haven't been with the boys for over 3 months now. I know the words to all the songs, it was a massive boost, it's given me a massive lift- and the hospital, I can't thank them enough, they've been amazing to do what they've done to allow the boys to come in and sing for me and I'll never forget it- the boys won't either.

Gary Radley

His sons Brandon, 24, Shawn, 32, Garren, 23, and Shane, 33, chatted to him for around an hour after performing covers of Foo Fighters songs, a track by Lewis Capaldi and two of their own.

Garren said: "Our dad has been our driver, our roadie, our engineer, our merchandise guy, our manager and our security, but as well as that he is our best mate.

"We know how much he loves music and how happy it makes him to watch us play, which is why it means the world to us that Royal Papworth Hospital allowed us to come and visit and perform some of his favourite songs."

Every single gig we've played, he's been there, every single tour we've been on- he's not missed a tour in 7 years. He's been our driver, our roadie, our merch guy, our best mate, he's just our best mate, so he's always been there. He always puts family first, even before himself- he's our hero.

Shawn Radley
Mr Radley thanked staff at the Royal Papworth for organising the concert Credit: Royal Papworth Hospital

Motor neurone disease is a condition that affects the brain and nerves and causes weakness that gets worse over time.

There is no cure, but there are treatments to reduce the impact it has on a person’s daily life.

Mr Radley is an inpatient at Royal Papworth Hospital’s Respiratory Support and Sleep Centre.

He has been in hospital since June, first at Peterborough Hospital and at Royal Papworth Hospital since the start of September.