Warning after scammers pose as Covid marshals to try and burgle Dunstable house

Bedfordshire Police have issued a warning after two scammers tried to get into someone's house Credit: PA

A pair of scammers have attempted to enter a house in Dunstable by posing as Covid marshals.

The two men turned up at the front door of the property on Ridgeway on the morning of Monday, 14 September, claiming they had been told to check if coronavirus guidelines were being followed.

The government announced last week that they would be introducing Covid marshals to monitor town centres, but subsequently confirmed they would have no powers of enforcement.

That message has been reiterated by Bedfordshire Police following Monday's incident, in which the scammers were unsuccessful in their attempts to burgle the property.

The householder kept the security chain on the door and asked them for identification, and the fraudsters eventually left.

Both scammers have been described as black men, around six foot six inches, and wearing black puffer jackets.

Lesley Johnson, of Bedfordshire Police, said: "This was distressing for the victim, and he felt quite intimidated by the men.

"Luckily he had the presence of mind to use the door security chain and ask them for identification.

"Covid marshals do not have the power to enforce social distancing or to issue fines, and government advice says they have no right of entry to your home.

"We would urge everyone to be on their guard and look out for vulnerable friends and relatives who could fall prey to such opportunist scammers."