Norwich Cathedral's weathercock shines bright again after restoration project

  • Video report by ITV Anglia's Natalie Gray

Norwich Cathedral's weathercock has been restored and hoisted back to the top of the spire.

The figure was removed from the 350ft spire last month so it could be re-gilded.

Chris and Sam Milford, from WallWalkers with Norwich Cathedral Weathercock that has been restored. Credit: ITV Anglia

Steeplejacks Chris and Sam Milford, of WallWalkers, have spent the last three weeks restoring the gold cockerel weather vane.

It's a great sense of achievement and pride. This will fade in time and then a new set of people will come and work on it and so on all the way through so what I feel is this wonderful sense of history is living.

Chris Milford
The weathercock, which weighs 28kg, had to be hoisted to the top of the spire. Credit: ITV Anglia

The last time the cockerel was re-gilded was in 1963 and Anglia Television was there to film that too. But in those days they had the luxury of scaffolding.

Bob James, from Sprowston, was part of the last restoration team six decades before.

We had a little jib crane. We took it up to the top of tower. I can remember when we left it and that was looking like that shining up there in the sunshine, glorious.

Bob James
The last time the cockerel was re-gilded was in 1963. Credit: ITV Anglia

The cockerel was thought to have been made in 1756 but Chris and Sam discovered a date on it which made it 100 years earlier. And signatures too of past makers and restorers.

Chris believes the restoration work should be good for around another 50 years on average. Made from 24 carat gold it has a very high resistivity to resistance to pollutants.

It's absolutely amazing isn't it? To think that it came down just two and a half weeks ago, looking rather grubby and weather beaten and now it's in all it's glory, absolutely glimmering it's fantastic. They've done a beautiful job.

Canon Aidan Platten, Norwich Cathedral

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