Meet our Pride of Britain Regional Fundraiser 2020 finalists - Ben Blowes

It's a good job Ben Blowes likes running, because that's how he's raised thousands of pounds for local good causes.

And while some may call his exhausting challenges a little crazy, others believe they could be what makes him the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Regional Fundraiser of the Year for Anglia East.

Ben Blowes set a world record when he ran the London Marathon with a tumble dryer strapped to his back

Among his achievements is a world record for running a marathon with a tumble dryer strapped to his back.

And even in lockdown, Ben was determined to keep his fundraising going by running an ultra-marathon around his garden - a staggering 2,000 laps over 15 hours - to say thank you to the NHS.

Ben Blowes ran a 50-mile ultra marathon round his garden during lockdown to raise money for the NHS.

That raised around £4,900 but the personal trainer estimates he's collected around £50,000 over a number of years.

As well as supporting local charities and hospitals, Ben has supported individuals in need in the Newmarket area where he lives.

And he receives plenty of support from the running community nearby - who often pop in to join him on one of madcap challenges.

Watch Kate Prout's report above to find out more about finalist Ben Blowes.