Meet our Pride of Britain Regional Fundraiser 2020 finalists - Margaret Mooney

We've all been saying thanks to the NHS a lot recently - but Margaret Mooney started nine years ago when her life was saved by a liver transplant.

A mystery virus had attacked her body and her only hope of surviving was the new organ. She got it the day before her life support was due to be switched off.

A mystery virus attacked Maggie Mooney's livers and left her on life support.

It was the team at Addenbrooke's Hospital that got her through and, every winter since, Maggie has thanked them by staging a charity ball at Peterborough Football Club.

In total, she has raised an impressive £75,000 - something that has seen her nominated for the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Regional Fundraiser of the Year Award for Anglia West.

Maggie Mooney, with help from friends, organises a charity ball every year at Peterborough Football Club.

Each year, the money has been donated to Addenbrooke's Hospital's liver unit and the Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust.

As well as research and improvements to wards, the cash was used to help fund a perfusion machine - which allows livers to be maintained at body temperature for 24 hours before a transplant.

Doctors at Addenbrooke's say it has meant even more people have been able to get a new liver, just like Maggie.

Watch Graham Stothard's report above to find out more about Maggie Mooney.