Take a look inside a nuclear bunker for sale in Norfolk

  • Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Natalie Gray

A Royal Observer Corps nuclear bunker at West Beckham in North Norfolk will go under the hammer next week with a guide price of £17,000.

It was built in 1960 , is nearly four metres below ground and the only access is by metal ladder.

ITV Anglia reporter Natalie Gray exploring the underground nuclear bunker at West Beckham in Norfolk Credit: ITV Anglia

It is one of over 1500 Royal Observer Corps Nuclear Monitoring Posts built underground throughout Britain.

There was even one in a cellar at Windsor Castle. Volunteers used it to detect, identify, track and report aircraft flying over Britain. This one closed in 1991 when the civil defence organisation was stood down  following the break up of the Communist block.

But when they left, they left a lot behind including paperwork, posters to identify aircraft, maps, kettles, beds and a chemical loo !

Some of the paperwork left behind by volunteers of the Royal Observer Corps in a nuclear bunker in West Beckham in Norfolk Credit: ITV Anglia

Well very excited. Everybody in the office was. You don't often get these establishments coming up although there was one in Brentwood about three or four years ago I think but it is one of one and a half thousand that were built in the early sixties because of the cold war at that time.


The bunker and the plot which measures approximately 250 square metres will go under the hammer at Essex auctioneers Dedham Gray on Wednesday.