Hospital and university to collaborate on major study into bladder cancer

bladder cancer cell
Bladder cancer cell Credit:

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn is collaborating with Anglia Ruskin University on an important study into bladder cancer.

Dr Lee Smith and Dr Cristian Ilie Credit: Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Doctors at both institutions are investigating how physical activity can improve outcomes for patients diagnosed with bladder cancer.

The pilot study is being backed by Action Bladder Cancer UK who have supplied the team with a £10,000 grant.

It will work with 30 volunteers, comparing 15 who are using exercise intervention and 15 who are not.

The participants will be aged between 60 to 70 years old, overweight and living a sedentary lifestyle.

It's hoped that if the pilot study proves successful, it will be rolled out nationally.

Healthcare professionals, physiotherapists and personal trainers will work together to develop the physical exercise programme.Cancer Research UK: Bladder cancer help

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