'Very sad': 20 tropical fish die after tank dumped in Northampton

The tank was left with no protection from the sun Credit: RSPCA

A tank of tropical fish has been found dumped in Northampton, with over half the animals inside dead.

There were 30 guppies - also known as rainbow fish - inside the tank, but 20 had died by the time an RSPCA officer came to rescue them.

The tank had been left behind a Sikh temple on Cromwell Street with a note attached saying "live fish inside".

But, according to the RSPCA, the water level was low and the tank was not plugged in or protected from the sun; by the time a member of the public had spotted and reported it to the animal charity most of the fish had died.

The surviving guppies are going to be rehomed Credit: PA

Inspector Callum Isitt, who was animal rescuer called to pick up the tank, said: "We don’t know how long they had been there but the note stated that there were live fish inside and sadly on collection around 20 of the fish had already died. 

"We would urge people who are struggling to cope with their pets not to abandon them like this but instead to reach out for help from friends and family, or charities like ourselves.

"It was very sad that we could only save ten fish and sadly this is what can happen when pets are dumped like this."

The RSPCA have appealed for information about how the tank came to be dumped and said the surviving fish will be rehomed.