Campaigners claim nurseries in Northants, Bedford and MK hit by funding shortfall

Credit: ITV Anglia

You can watch Elodie Harper's report above.

Nurseries in some parts of our region aren't being given government money meant to support them through the coronavirus pandemic, according to a campaign group.

There will be at some point in time a greater need for early years to come back into the fundamental role of makings sure that people are able to go back to work and we will not be there, we will have destroyed the fundamental infrastructure of this country in terms of supporting children. This is part of our national infrastructure now, we should not allow it to just fold.

Neil Leitch Chief Executive, Early Years Alliance

The Early Years Alliance claim Northamptonshire, Bedford Borough and Milton Keynes councils aren't following  government guidelines and passing on funding to early years providers.

Bedford Borough Council spokesperson said:  “Bedford Borough Council is following this guidance for the Autumn term 2020 payments to Early Years settings. 

“Bedford Borough Council is following the guidance in ensuring that all settings will receive payments for the Autumn term as if there had been no coronavirus outbreak. Although the council has not adopted an example in the guidance, the Council is to pay providers on estimated hours, on the basis that there had been no coronavirus outbreak, which will then be adjusted in December 2020 to ensure all hours have been accounted for and that no setting is negatively impacted due to coronavirus.”