Appeal for people in Bedford to follow Covid guidelines to avoid local lockdown

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Officials in Bedford are appealing for people to follow the coronavirus guidelines as the town battles to curtail spikes of Covid-19.

Bedford has only just come off the Government watchlist, and both the mayor and local businesses say following the rules is vital to avoid a local lockdown

Arcadia Sweet Shop in Bedford has survived so far but owner Lisa Hunt is worried that a local lockdown could close this town once again

As the rates have really begun to rise, now most customers all the time abide by the strict two in the shop and masks and it's been a sea change

Lisa Hunt, Arcadia Sweet Shop

Throughout the pandemic Bedford has seen several spikes. Infections have been on the rise again. The number of cases in Bedford doubled last week compared to the week before.

We are starting to see some more deaths, so you might be OK, but it’s about not giving infection to someone who is far more vulnerable, your Gran, your Grandpa, your Uncle, your Aunt, and some of the older population and those with underlying health conditions are far more likely to suffer greatly if they get the virus

Dave Hodgson, Mayor of Bedford Borough

Staff understand the rules at The Embankment pub, but it doesn't mean they agree with all of them.

Quick to invest in measures like glass screens, they say the 10pm curfew is putting customers in closer contact at closing time

We've invested, we've done a lot to make sure our places are safe. We believe they are safe and we feel it will be detrimental to lots of different business, not just ours, all our suppliers, local suppliers. We feel that would be a terrible shame

Frazer Sutherland, The Embankment