Black History Month: The Cambridge College flying the flag of the Bahamas

A flag of the Bahamas has been installed above St Catharine's college in Cambridge in homage to the college's earliest known black student.

Alfred Adderley Credit: ITV News Anglia

F Adderley arrived from the Bahamas to study law in 1912. Following graduation and legal training, Adderley returned to the Bahamas to practise law, where he became a leader in national politics, religion and sports. 

The college said it has raised the flag to mark the start of Black History Month and honour a century of black students and staff who have contributed to the college's history.

It comes after the university announced earlier In April that a two-year investigation would take place in its own historical links with slavery. the report is due to be finished by Autumn 2021.

Speaking at the time Professor Toope, the Vice-Chancellor, said:

“We cannot change the past, but nor should we seek to hide from it. I hope this process will help the University understand and acknowledge its role during that dark phase of human history.”