Sauce Materials: The family bringing back Northamptonshire's most famous condiment

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A family from Northamptonshire is reviving a centuries-old recipe called "Northamptonshire Sauce", 200 years after it first hit the shelves.

The Jeyes family of Earls Barton have recreated an old family recipe from the 1830s - which was named after the county it was invented in.

The sauce - which is also spicy - was originally created by their ancestor Philadelphus Jeyes - and sold in his chemist shop in Northampton.

Jeyes of Earls Barton Credit: Jeyes of Earls Barton

Almost 200 years later the family now has a shop and cafe in Earls Barton that Georgina Jeyes originally established as a pharmacy with her husband David in the 1980s.

And now the family has decided to recreate the historic sauce bearing the county's name.

The Jeyes family is already known for giving its name to the brand of disinfectant.

But they don't own the rights to that product any more. And they've called their new version of the sauce Jeyes's because that's the way it was written in this old newspaper ad.

Jeyes' Sauce Credit: Jeyes of Earls Barton

In the old advert it's recommended as a sauce for a wide range of meals - and it's described as having 'invigorating properties'.

Jeyes of Earls Barton Credit: ITV Anglia

It's been recreated with the help of Steve Reid - who runs a chutney and sauce company called Friar's Farm in Northampton.

It's a taste of life in 1830s Northamptonshire. Which is spicy - with a hint of anchovies.