Scientists admit they're surprised by how rapidly Covid-19 is spreading

Professor Paul Hunter, from the University of East Anglia, an expert in infectious diseases and epidemics, has told ITV News Anglia that scientists expected to see a rise in coronavirus cases as we went into the Autumn, but many have been surprised by how rapidly that increase has happened.

Herd-immunity, the idea of allowing the virus to roam free has been criticised by the Chief scientist to the World Health Organisation who has said it plays 'Russian roulette' with lives

Professor Hunter says how you balance the risks to people's health, the NHS and the economy is a political decision not a scientific one.

He also says we won't achieve herd immunity with this virus for the simple reason immunity doesn't last very long.

The number of daily positive tests in the ITV Anglia region are now above the levels at the height of the outbreak in March and Jonathan Wills asked Professor Paul Hunter if we should be worried.