Time for tea! Teapot makers in Suffolk find new customers as people spend more time at home

Watch ITV Anglia's Victoria Lampard's report here:

The pottery at Stonham barns isn't making your average teapot.

Their creations are varied to say the least - there's all shapes and sizes, replicating everything from a piano to a tractor.

Carters of Suffolk's imaginative designs have led to sales all over the world, including to their biggest customer - the Disney World resort in Florida.

But due to the pandemic, Carters of Suffolk  haven't had their usual big orders coming in so they've had to shift their focus to online sales, redesigning their website and it's been a great success.

The unique designs are becoming more popular with the public Credit: ITV Anglia

Mark Gillam Director, Carters of Suffolk said:

The business has been runnin for 40 years.  Yesterday they had someone in America place an order, today it was  Australia.

They make over a hundred different types of teapot here but the two most popular designs are the ones shaped like a typewriter and Jane Austin books.

Carol Bridges, a Ceramic Paintress said:

"It's a job I've done for nearly 29 years and it's just a lovely thing to do, to know that what you're creating is going all over the world and people appreciate it."

Each teapot takes about a week to make.

Carol and her colleagues are currently working on a new design for a Lewis Carroll poetry teapot.

They're optimistic that their big customers will return at some point in the new year but for now they're hoping our love of tea will be enough to keep a steady flow of orders coming in.