RSPCA staff turn old wallpaper stripper into a spa for sickly seals

An old wallpaper stripper has been used to create a spa for sickly seal pups at the RSPCA in East Winch in West Norfolk.

The centre is looking after 49 seals and many of them have respiratory problems - respiratory problems that have been helped by the innovative DIY steam room.

Staff place a hose through a hole in the wall into the seals' isolation cubicle, switch it on and the steam fills their room. Alison continued:

"It's more about just keeping them happy because when they are coughing and spluttering and they've got lung worm and pneumonia it's awful to see so it's really nice that they're just calmer and breathing easier and it does help them get through the building quicker and get back out into sea"

"There's a lot of sick animals out there and the common seals are getting sicker and sicker over the years. We think they're a little bit immuno suppressed. They're certainly not coping as well common seals as they used to in the olden days and they need a lot of care."

But there is some good news - seven seals willl be released back into the wild on Monday after being nursed back to health. This great gadget helping them on their way.