White Rhino calf born at Colchester Zoo

New arrival at Colchester Zoo Credit: Colchester Zoo

A male White Rhino calf has been born at Colchester Zoo.

He was born last Wednesday at 9.45pm, after visitors had left. Staff knew mother Astrid was in labour and stayed behind to make sure all was well, monitoring progress of closed circuit TV cameras.

Within the hour of being born he managed to stand and it was not long after that he started suckling from mum.

Despite Astrid being a first-time mum at 7yrs old, the Zoo says she took the labour and birth in her stride. They also say the young calf is already showing a mischievous character!

New arrival at Colchester Zoo Credit: Colchester Zoo

He hasn't yet been named. Colchester Zoo is part of a breeding programme for White Rhinos and this is the 6th to be born at the park.

White Rhinos are listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List because of poaching and the ivory trade