Parents of disabled boy devastated after "care package was stopped" when they were diagnosed with Covid

Watch here to see a report by ITV Anglia reporter Matthew Hudson

The family of a seriously disabled young boy in Northamptonshire say that their package of care has been withdrawn since both parents caught coronavirus.

Hayley Charlesworth and her partner have been shielding, but caught the virus at a funeral. Since then they've had to care for their son Harry on their own.

Harry Charlesworth Credit: ITV Anglia

Hayley said: "He's got parents with coronavirus looking after him and he's left in a really vulnerable situation."

"It's just horrendous, we're having to carry on doing the normal things, whilst looking after a 1 year old and 7 year old while trying not to give Harry coronavirus."

Hayley and her family run the Helping Harry Trust and Harry's Pals, both organisations which campaign for parents of children with disabilities or additional needs.

Harry and Hayley Credit: Hayley Charlesworth

Normally, Harry would have 1-2-1 care overnight, to allow Hayley and Andrew to sleep, as Harry's often awake overnight. A carer would usually come in from 7pm to 6am every night.

Harry has an extreme form of cerebral palsy and is on oxygen every night.

Hayley's Mum Julie said: "It's left two very unwell people to look after Harry. The risk for Harry if he catches coronavirus we are very concerned for his life."

"It's just awful because it's so difficult to be able to help, with any other grandchild you'd be able to say bring them here, but the house is designed around Harry so it's not, you're not able to take Harry away from the family home."

Harry and Hayley Charlesworth Credit: ITV Anglia

Yesterday, Harry was moved to Northampton General Hospital, after his parents made authorities aware that they were not well and he was extremely vulnerable.

The family had hoped he would be taken into a care environment, but they refused to take him until he had a negative test result, although he'd already tested negative on at least one occasion.

Julie said: "I realise there's no situation here where there's no risk whatsoever but for me it's about the most sensible option."