The reaction of a US airman being told she is heading to Suffolk becomes an internet hit

Watch a report from ITV Anglia News reporter Russell Hookey

There are some brilliant clips on the internet which get shared and viewed around the world.

One of the more recent features: a group of US Service personnel getting details of their first overseas posting via email. 

Well it was a mixture of excitement and bewilderment when they read out that they were going to be stationed at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk.

The excitement was knowing they were heading off to Europe. 

The bewilderment, where on earth is Mildenhall in Suffolk?

It seems they've got nothing to worry about. Colleagues already based in the East Anglian countryside say they'll love it and soon feel at home.

Those thoughts were echoed by the Mayor of Mildenhall Jane Busuttil

Mildenhall Town Centre Credit: ITV News Anglia

And if you are reading this guys there are plenty of tradition pubs in the area, an Anglo American radio station, a decent soccer team and in summer just behind the base if you like motor cycle racing you'll find the Mildenhall Fen Tigers team.

All in all you'll be made very welcome!