Norwich Cathedral launches 360 degree online tour

  • What the new 360 tour looks like if viewed from a computer

People can take a tour of Norwich Cathedral from the comfort of their own home, thanks to a new 360 degree visualisation of the 900-year-old building.

The entire ground floor of the cathedral is available to view, including areas currently not publicly accessible - such as the choir and treasury - due to social distancing restrictions.

The cathedral partnered with a Norwich-based technology company, Vortex Visual, to create the tour.

The Very Revd Jane Hedges, Dean of Norwich, said: "Norwich Cathedral is now open every day for both worship and general visitors and it is so wonderful to welcome people back to the Cathedral.

"With this new virtual tour by Vortex Visual, it is also exciting to now extend our welcome via the digital world.

"We hope this new virtual experience will give even more people, both around the world and closer to home, the opportunity to enjoy the Cathedral."

Images of the cathedral were captured from 500 vantage points using specialist 360 degree cameras.

Max Giddings, who runs Vortex Visual, said: "It has been a real privilege to spend time capturing on camera the incredible surroundings of Norwich Cathedral for this 360 tour.

"There is an amazing view around every corner of this beautiful building with so much history to discover, and this tour enables people to be virtually transported there by simply tapping on their phone or their laptop.

"For those who are new to Norwich Cathedral, the tour offers the chance to enjoy a sneak review of what to expect from a visit, meanwhile those who already know the building well and enjoy exploring their favourite areas from different vantage points."

Vortex Visual also used a drone to capture a 360 degree view of the outside of the cathedral.

Visitors on the virtual tour will also be able to hear the sound of the cathedral's organ and choir.