Black History Month: In conversation with Oxbridge's first black college master

It was just a year ago that Sonita Alleyne made history - becoming the first-ever black master of an Oxbridge College.

For her, it was the latest in a long line of achievements which have included heading up businesses, supporting charities and sitting on the boards of some of the UK's key organisations.

A very young Sonita Alleyne Credit: Sonita Alleyne

She says she took up the role of master of Jesus College in Cambridge in 2019 because she had such a great time as a student in the city.

Born in the Caribbean, Sonita moved to the UK at the age of two and grew up in 1970s London.

As part of ITV News Anglia's Black History Month coverage, Raveena Ghattaura has been speaking to her about life growing up in the East End against a backdrop of racism, and how she has seen attitudes towards black people change during her lifetime.

Sonita Alleyne as a student at Cambridge University Credit: Sonita Alleyne