Townsfolk undecided on whether 'bubble-wrap' tree is a trick or a treat

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It's always nice to receive a gift, but residents of a Cambridgeshire town think they might have received the civic equivalent of socks.

Halloween hasn't happened yet, but Peterborough City Council have already played Santa by delivering an unusual, metal, tree-shaped sculpture.

The City council had hosted it four years. It had cost the authority around £40,000. This year the council have gone down the traditional route, but decided to gift it neighbouring Wisbech for free.

Tree-jazzle - the modern tree has had mixed reviews

And In Wisbech not everyone was grateful for the gift.

Residents described as "horrible" to "it takes some getting used to". Though some thought it was a nice addition to the town bringing a little Christmas bling.

The town council says it also plans to get a traditional tree for the market place.

Darren Finch runs a fruit and veg stall here every week.

I personally reckon it’s out of place because the town is not modern enough for that sort of tree, that tree is sort of Kings Lynn area because it’s more modern and it’s and it would fit it better

Darren Finch, market trader