TV drama tells story of Hollywood great Orson Welles at Anglia Television

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A TV drama starring Robbie Coltrane will air about the late Hollywood great Orson Welles doing some work at Anglia Television back in 1972 - but he was far from happy!

Robbie Coltrane as Orson Welles Credit: Sky Arts

Urban Myths - Orson Welles in Norwich is on Sky Arts at 10 pm on Wednesday. Orson Welles was at the end of his career when he arrived in Norwich and hard-up but he still thought that working for a regional television station was beneath him.

Robbie Coltrane playing Orson Welles when he was at Anglia Television in 1972 Credit: Sky Arts

Orson Welles was fronting a series for Anglia called The Great Mysteries - a forerunner to Anglia's Tales of the Unexpected.

For retired film editor Steve Peart news "Awesome Orson" was coming to the Anglia Studios was a momentous event.

Mr Peart said when he was asked to do retakes, he would refuse and disappear.

The makers of Urban Myths say they have had great fun stretching the truth.

Because of Coltrane's mobility problems Orson Welles in Norwich was filmed in Glasgow.

Sky Arts is also available on Freeview Channel 11.