Hi-tech farming firm rustles up new business with Texas ranchers

Herdsy - hero picture - Richard Hobson in a field with cows wearing a yellow suit and Herdsy s sign saying Caution - Farmers Making Money
Herdsy founder Richard Hobson celebrates the new deal Credit: Herdsy

A Cambridge-based firm, which specialises in fitness tracker style equipment for livestock, has just sealed new deals in the US.

Herdsy makes tracking collars for cattle. The technology monitors the health of the animal, tracking things like heart rate, temperature, location, and activity levels, which the farmer can access via an app.

It's hoped the devices enable farmers to make better decisions over the care of the animals.

Now the firm has secured its first US deals forecast at £1.4 million over the next five years - supplying ranches in Texas and Oregon.

Richard Hobson founded Herdsy in 2016 after coming up with the idea on his family’s farm.

A former IBM software developer and accountant, Richard then was mentored by his friend Dmitri Zaitsev, a Professor of Mathematics, to refine the technology.

The firm worked with Athe Department for International Trade to secure the deals.

Founder and CEO of Herdsy Richard Hobson said:

Herdsy started exporting in 2016 and is currently used in four countries around the globe. The business is now planning to open an office in Texas to assist its expansion into neighbouring US states and South America.