Wildlife photographer shares rich tapestry of life in the Anglia region

  • Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Hannah Pettifer

In celebration of the rich array of wildlife in the Anglia region, every season we'll be looking at the different types of animals you can see from your very own doorstep with the help of our resident wildlife photographer Russell Savory.

From bees to beavers, badgers to barn owls, Russell has filmed it all in the Anglia region over the years.

Seals on the Norfolk coast Credit: ITV Anglia

The autumn colours across the Anglia region give the perfect backdrop for wildlife photographer Russell.

One of his favourite haunts at this time of the year is the Norfolk coast, where seals are having their pups.

Every year from November to January a colony of grey seals comes ashore at Horsey, just north of Great Yarmouth, so their pups can be born.

Russell Savory and Hannah Pettifer on the beach in Norfolk Credit: ITV Anglia

Over the next three months the colony will increase in size as hundreds of seals come ashore to have their young.

The first two to three weeks are the most important in a seal's life - the pups must at least double their weight to survive, because after then they're on their own.

Hannah Pettifer with wildlife photographer Russell Savory Credit: ITV Anglia

To protect the seals the beach has been closed off to the public, but the views from above still draw in many visitors.

For the avid photographer though, the seals aren't the only animals people can spot at the moment in our region.