Waterbeach villagers vow to fight busway plans which could see their homes demolished

People in a Cambridgeshire village say they'll fight plans for a new guided busway, which could see their homes demolished.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership wants the busway to serve a new suburb, on the site of the former Waterbeach Barracks.

However, villagers in Waterbeach claim that nobody has approached them about the plans and that they only found out after a neighbour trawled through a 400 page report.

If the proposals do go ahead, it's feared up to six houses and an allotment site could be lost.

Villagers are worried their homes could be demolished. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"This is our beautiful, beloved forever home," local resident Liz Barton said.

"To find that it could suddenly be taken away from us without having the common courtesy to even approach us and even talk to us about it is really disappointing."The Greater Cambridge Partnership told ITV News Anglia that plans are still very much in the early stages and no decisions have been made yet.

"Our initial work demonstrates these emerging proposals could be delivered without demolishing homes and the GCP's starting point for all projects is that we do not carry out compulsory purchases of residential homes and gardens.

"However we cannot rule out any option until we have received and reviewed all feedback."

The consultation period will end in December, but it could be many more months before a final decision is made.