Stunning starling murmurations swirl through Suffolk skies

It’s one of nature’s great winter wonders – a murmuration of starlings.

As dusk falls, tens of thousands of starlings take to the skies over Suffolk.

The birds perform their spectacular murmuration every year - all swooping and swirling as one. 

Some of the starlings are native, others come from colder countries in Europe, seeking the relative warmth of our island climate in Suffolk and Norfolk. 

Starling murmurations are a seasonal spectacle. Credit: ITV Anglia

Flocks arrive from all directions, to form a murmuration of tens, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of birds.

"The birds flocking close together make it very difficult for a predator like a sparrow hawk to target an individual", Suffolk Wildlife Trust's Richard Young said.

"Its also been suggested that as they settle into the reedbeds, the sheer number of them can actually raise the temperature within the reeds, which helps them cope with the colder nights.

"There is also an element of communication between the birds. As they settle, you hear this enormous chattering coming from the reedbeds."

During the late autumn and winter months, large numbers of starlings arrive in Britain. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Despite the incredible number of starlings in the murmurations, their numbers are declining dramatically, with some estimating a drop of almost 80 per cent in recent years.

Starlings are now on the endangered list, but for now, these incredible birds continue to creating stunning and breathtaking aerial displays.