Family's campaign for safety barrier by Cambridge busway after cyclist's death

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The family of a cyclist who died in an accident on the guided busway in Cambridge say they're frustrated by the lack of progress to make it safer.

Steve Moir died when he clipped the kerb and fell into the path of a bus in 2018. The Health and Safety Executive say an investigation is ongoing.

Steve Moir's family is campaigning for a barrier between the busway and the cycle path. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Rob and Liam Moir are frustrated there is still no barrier to protect cyclists and pedestrians who use the path beside the guided busway. They are worried that someone else will be killed

Liam Moir, Steve's son, said: "You can really feel the buses coming from about two metres away from me. You can almost feel them shake, so if you're cycling right next to that or running, that could really scare you. For me walking down here it's a constant reminder of what happened."

Steve Moir was killed when he clipped the kerb on his bike and fell into the path of a bus.

Rob Moir, Steve's brother, said: "People coming out of school and people coming out of work, everybody's weaving in and out trying to avoid each other, and it could be very easy to just accidentally clip the kerb and then be launched into the busway as Steve was."

 Steve, was cycling home to Sawston when he clipped the kerb as he tried to avoid pedestrians and fell into the path of a bus. An inquest concluded his death was an accident.

After a campaign by his family, the speed of buses was reduced and white lines painted alongside the path.

But Liam says that’s not enough. "I know if there was a barrier there when my dad clipped the kerb he might have been injured, but he'd still be here now and still be alive".

Steve Moir's son and brother are campaigning for extra safety measures to be put in place. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Health and Safety Executive is still conducting an investigation. In a statement, it said: “This is a unique transport system and the death of Mr Moir was one of the first work-related fatalities on this system.

"We are doing all we can to bring this to a conclusion while making sure that we reach the right standards of investigation.”

Until that time, Cambridgeshire County Council believes it would inappropriate to comment.