Former Suffolk police officer jailed after faking drug evidence

Daniel Jackson Credit: Suffolk police

A former Suffolk police officer who threw away seized cocaine and let the suspect go free has been jailed for a year.

Daniel Jackson, who is 28 and from Lakenheath, later made fake wraps out of sugar to look like cocaine to try and cover his tracks. Norwich Crown Court heard that he threw away three wraps of cocaine that were seized from a vehicle in Newmarket last year and then filed a false report saying nothing had been found. When challenged months later he falsified evidence and logged them as an exhibit. Jackson admitted the charges against him in court yesterday.

DCC Rachel Kearton said in a statement: "Daniel Jackson fell well below the standards we expect of all our police officers. This was not a momentary lapse of judgement and as such he has paid a huge price with the loss of his job, a career in the police and now has a criminal record.

 "Suffolk Constabulary stands for the values of integrity, honesty, respect and trust. Jackson’s actions threatened those values, and there is no place for those that fall below the highest standards of personal and professional behaviour in our organisation.”