Some pupils dropped a reading age due to first lockdown say a Cambridgeshire school

A school in Cambridgeshire has been telling ITV News Anglia about the support they are giving students to make up for so many months off school.

Littleport and East Cambs Academy say some children dropped a reading age during school closures.

They've brought in a full-time youth worker sees up to 8 children a day for counselling. 

The pupils cannot mix between year group bubbles, but they say it's a small price to pay after the isolation of the first lockdown.

Safety measures also include wearing masks in communal areas or lessons like drama, and frequent hand sanitation.  

To avoid mass movement around the school, each bubble stays in the same classroom for the entire day, with a break for lunch and to stretch their legs.

Teachers say it's made PE an even more important part of the curriculum.

Oliver Hughes, head of PE said:

So far the school has only had one Covid case.