A Suffolk woman has been banned from owning animals after being filmed kicking her dog

A Suffolk woman has been banned from keeping animals for three years after a video showed her kicking a dog in the ribs and dragging her by a lead.

Venezia Strudwick from Sudbury, was filmed by a neighbour while she was kicking the German Shepherd-type dog.She had become angry after the dog, called Jana, went to the toilet inside her flat. A check up by vets showed Jana had injuries to her throat.

Strudwick appeared before Ipswich Magistrates Court and was fined £200 and ordered to pay £500 costs.

Jana was also taken away from her and is now looking for a new, and loving home.

Jana, when she was first seized in February Credit: RSPCA
How Jana looks today after being cared for by the RSPCA Credit: RSPCA

Nicky Thorne, an inspector at the RSPCA first investigated in February, when the footage was taken.Inspector Thorne said:

"Strudwick was very aggressive towards me and denied kicking Jana. I showed her the video and she said she had dragged Jana as she was annoyed, saying: ‘You try standing there for ages waiting for her to go to the toilet. I stand there f***ing ages and she won’t do one then she does one in my f***ing flat."

“She shouted and swore at me but said Jana wasn’t scared of her and called her out. Jana looked very hesitant and nervous but there were no clear signs of injury. She was friendly but carried her head and tail low, and seemed subdued. Strudwick started shouting at me again and slammed the door in my face.”

Another inspector returned to the property with police later that month and Jana was seized and placed into RSPCA care.

Strudwick pleaded not guilty to one offence under the Animal Welfare Act but, on Monday (December 14) was found guilty and sentenced by magistrates who said she was very fortunate to avoid a prison sentence. 

Inspector Thorne added: "I am so pleased that we were able to help Jana and that she can now live the rest of her life without fear. This case demonstrates how important it is to understand your pet’s behaviour and how your actions can actually magnify any perceived problems rather than solve them. It is never acceptable to physically abuse your dog.”

RSPCA workers say that Jana is a loving dog, who enjoys the company of humans despite all she has been through.