Body cameras rolled out in Hertfordshire to tackle dangerous drivers at school crossings

A body-worn camera Credit: PA

Body cameras will be used at school crossings in Hertfordshire as part of a pilot scheme to clamp down on dangerous drivers.

The council will give the cameras to around 150 crossing patrols after a "small number of incidents" where motorists failed to stop.

Offenders face a possible fine and three points on their licence.

The council employs people to help children and their parents across busy roads, on the way to and from school.

It is an offence to drive past a school crossing patrol while people are in the road

Following a council meeting, Liberal Democrat Cllr Steve Jarvis said the cameras would "significantly ensure that drivers comply with stop requests and reduce any possible intimidation".

"School crossing patrols have told me how on occasions either drivers don't stop or on occasions abuse the school crossing patrol for asking them to stop", he added.

"At the moment they are expected to write this down in a notebook, but it's almost impossible for the to do in the circumstances.

"This would make it easier to deal with the tiny minority of drivers who don't respect school crossing patrols and what they are doing to keep them safe."

The council is carrying out a pilot on the use of body-worn video cameras.

The trial is underway and will be fully reviewed in the "near future."

"It must be said that the vast majority of road users treat our 148 School Crossing Patrols with the utmost respect and acknowledge the amazing job they do to keep us all safe", a spokesperson for the county council said.

"Hertfordshire County Council takes the safety of its staff very seriously."