24 people fined after staging New Year rave in Norfolk despite coronavirus warnings

1/1/21 ludham rave

Police have revealed they've fined 24 people after an illegal rave at Ludham in Norfolk on New Year's Eve.

Police heard about the event on Hall Road shortly after 9:30pm.

Officers arrived at 9:45pm and discovered around 60 people setting up equipment in the quiet corner of Broadland.

Roads leading to the area were blocked by police cars after officers went on to the site.

A generator was seized and two people were also reported for possession of drugs.

Supt Lordan said most people in the county had spent New Year's Eve quietly and police were grateful.

"This small group of individuals who looked to attend this event however, learned that, where we can we will prevent, disrupt or stop a rave or unlicensed musical event from taking place and we wont hesitate to use Covid enforcement action where we need to.”

It comes despite warnings for people to avoid getting together to stop the spread of coronavirus.

As cases of coronavirus rise across the county, police say they'll continue to take firm action against these kinds of gatherings, which breach public health regulations, including the use of fines.

If you have information about illegal raves or concerns about suspicious activity in your area, you can report this by calling Norfolk Constabulary on 101.