Suffolk runner raises £180,000 after completing 31 marathons in 31 days

Ben took on the 812.2 mile feat to raise money for the Cambridge children's charity Tom's Trust. Credit: ITV Anglia

A man from Suffolk who ran 31 marathons in 31 days in December has raised almost £180,000 for children with brain tumours.

Ben Blowes from Gazeley has completed many challenges in the past to raise money for charity, but never one as big as this.

Last month, he ran more than 800 miles across East Anglia - even while on crutches after hurting his leg.

Ben is fundraising for the charity Tom's Trust to help with the psychological and mental health care for children in Cambridgeshire and the North East throughout this year.

Just days before the finish, Ben Blowes hurt his leg. Credit: ITV Anglia

He completed the final marathon on New Year's Eve in Newmarket, watched by his family and a socially-distanced crowd.

Ben said although every step was painful, he was determined to finish.

“I have faced many running and fitness challenges in my time, but never one that has required so much stamina and endurance – not just physically but mentally too", Ben said.

"However, this challenge has meant a lot to me and I have felt extremely proud to run each day with a different name of a child supported by Tom’s Trust on my vest.

"What these children and their families go through is unimaginable and the money that we’ve raised will make such a huge difference. I want to say a huge thank you to the incredible team that have supported me throughout December and everyone who has cheered us on – it kept me going.

"Let’s just say, it was nice to put my feet up on New Year’s Day!”

Guinness World Record holder Ben Blowes has been dubbed “The Marathon Man" Credit: ITV Anglia

Ben was nominated for Regional Fundraiser of the Year at last year's Pride of Britain awards.

He's raised thousands of pounds, taking on challenges which include a world record for running a marathon with a tumble dryer strapped to his back.

‘’This was a wonderful campaign for so many reasons; it was about grit, determination, passion and making a positive and permanent change to the lives of children with brain tumours and their families.", Deborah Whiteley, Founder of Tom’s Trust said.

"The funds raised is enough to allow us to support over 177 new families and children this year and we cannot thank Ben enough for his unwavering support and kindness; he was the perfect Ambassador for the families that we support showing courage and positivity in all that he did. "