What is local? Norfolk's Police Chief urges the public to be sensible

  • Watch Chief Constable Simon Bailey give his interpretation what local means

Chief Constable Simon Bailey says people have different ideas of what local means but traveling from Northamptonshire to Norfolk is not what we should be doing.

He has urged people to be sensible and reasonable as they interpret the Covid restrictions during the third national lockdown.

You should stay local to your town, your village, your part of the city.

Simon Bailey, Chief Constable, Norfolk

"Ultimately what we should be saying what is reasonable, what is your interpretation of reasonable and that will be the instruction that my officers are working to," he said.

Over the weekend, 31 people were fined in the county as police increased patrols to make sure lockdown rules were being adhered to. 96 people were also given warnings.

Fines were mostly issued in coastal areas of Norfolk to people who were mixing households or those who had travelled some distance to exercise.

One couple who received a fine had travelled from Hertfordshire to visit the seals at Horsey, while another man had made the same journey from Colchester with his children.

Six men were fined in Great Yarmouth after meeting to play a game of football while a man was fined for having five people in his car, all from different households.