‘Abusive’ Essex man jailed for murdering partner

Wilfred Jacob has been jailed for life and will have to serve at least 18 years Credit: Essex Police

A ‘controlling’ and ‘abusive’ man has been jailed for life after murdering his partner. 

43-year-old Wilfred Jacob was found guilty of stabbing Linda Vilika at their home in Great Saling in August 2019. 

Police say Wilfred Jacob had become ‘convinced’ Linda was seeing her former partner, despite them breaking up two decades ago and the man living in Zimbabwe, where both are from. 

Detectives uncovered multiple abusive messages and say he devised a plan to ensure he was alone with Linda for a long period of time on the day she was killed.

Linda Vilika's family describer her as 'inspiring' Credit: Essex Police

Linda’s family thanked police for bringing her killer to justice. 

She inspired us to aim high and made us believe we can achieve anything. She left a gap in our hearts which we will never be able to fill. We will forever treasure the beautiful memories we shared with her and strive to make a positive impact on this planet just like Linda did.

Linda's family

Wilfred Jacob claimed he had had an ‘epileptic aura’ and could not remember what had happened but a jury found him guilty of murder at Chelmsford Crown Court on 12 January.

In an act borne out of jealousy, Wilfred Jacob took Linda’s life, leaving her family with a huge whole and without someone they cared for dearly. She had been trying to rid herself of his controlling and abusive ways and try to forge a happier future. One that, sadly, she will now never see.

Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Jennings, Senior investigating officer

He will have to serve at least 18 years behind bars.