Coronavirus death toll rises above 10,000 in the Anglia region

The number of people who have died with Covid-19 in the Anglia region has now reached 10,031 as the NHS reported a further 132 patients dying with the disease.

The stark figure is those who have lost their lives in hospitals, care homes, hospices, in their own homes and in the community. It includes those who tested positive for coronavirus or had the condition mentioned on their death certificate.

The NHS reported on Thursday that 132 more Covid patients had died in hospitals in the Anglia region. That included 28 deaths at Southend Hospital in Essex between 7 and 11 January.

12 patients died at Bedford Hospital with a further nine dying at Milton Keynes Hospital and nine at the Norfolk & Norwich.

The number of people who have died with coronavirus in each county in the Anglia region since the start of the pandemic Credit: Data from the NHS, Care Quality Commission and the Office of National Statistics

While the number of people dying with coronavirus continues to increase and more people being admitted to hospital to fight the condition, there are early signs that the number of new cases being found in the community is starting to fall.

Figures from Public Health England issued on Wednesday revealed that there were 51,105 positive tests in the Anglia region in the seven days to 9 January. During the previous week there had been 57,344 cases. That was a fall of 6,238 cases or a decrease of 11%.

Over the same period there was a small rise in England as a whole of just 0.4%.

The region infection rate for the week to 9 January was 700 cases per 100,000 compared to 786 the week before.

37 of the 54 districts in the Anglia region saw a fall in cases although statisticians are warning the data may be skews by people delaying tests over the Christmas period and artificially inflating infections immediately afterwards.

Cases were still rising in Corby (up 25% in a week), in Norwich ( up 23%), in Tendring in Essex (up 22%) and in Ipswich (up 17%).

There were also rises in Wellingborough, Luton, Fenland, Northampton, East Suffolk, Peterborough, North Hertfordshire, Kettering, East Northamptonshire, Breckland, Welwyn Hatfield and Stevenage.

The number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 in each county in the Anglia region in the week to 9 January 2021 Credit: Data from Public Health England

Weekly total of coronavirus cases in each county in the Anglia region in the week to 9 January

  • Bedfordshire - 5,138 cases - down 2% compared with the previous week

  • Cambridgeshire - 4,127 cases - down 2%

  • Essex - 17,666 cases - down 21%

  • Hertfordshire - 8,815 cases - down 13%

  • Milton Keynes - 2,157 cases - down 17%

  • Norfolk - 4,436 cases - down 3%

  • Northamptonshire - 4,901 cases - up 8%

  • Rutland - 99 cases - down 16%

  • Suffolk - 3,766 cases - up 3%

Bedfordshire is the three unitary authorities of Bedford, Central Bedfordshire and Luton. Essex includes Southend and Thurrock and Cambridgeshire includes Peterborough