Could coronavirus restrictions be tightened?

Businesses across the Anglia region fear tighter restrictions could force them to close completely. 

Yesterday Scotland banned many click-and-collect services alongside a raft of new measures. The government has refused to rule out similar restrictions across England.

Despite a gradual rollout of the vaccine across the region some health experts are warning more needs to be done, as hospitals across the region are flooded with cases.

Tighter restrictions, though, could prove detrimental to some businesses. 

Credit: ITV Anglia

In the Cambridgeshire town of March one garden centre is gearing up for an important period, as green fingered locals are getting their gardens ready for the year.

I’d hope that we could stay open as we are. If not we’d just have to do our best to keep within the new guidelines, but we’ll have to wait and see what they’re going to be and try and react. If the restrictions are too tight, we will just have to close.

Edward Gowler, Skylark Garden Centre

In Norwich the owner of City Fish has been staying cautious, buying low amounts of stock to avoid waste. 

We’re just buying low amounts at the minute, just to keep it tight, and just keep turning it over. Obviously we’re doing home deliveries as well, so that helps a lot. We have all got to live, so we have to keep going. It’s all about survival, really.

Sam Bemment, City Fish

It is not just businesses that could be affected by possible new restrictions.

In Corby, the council have shut a country park as cases in the area have surged and in Essex authorities warned they will shut playgrounds if rules are broken.

Police also say they’re cracking down on rule breakers. 

For some elements of the community, a very minor element of the community, it's just not working. These are people who don't want to be engaged and these are people who don't want to be educated, they are blatantly flouting the law and, in that regard, we are going to enforce it as much as we can.

Nick Adderley, Chief Constable Northamptonshire Police

What new restrictions could be enforced remains to be seen but in the meantime people are being urged to be responsible.